Security Services

security services


IBHUBESI Security operates a fleet of reaction vehicles covering GAUTENG, MPUMALANGA, EASTERN CAPE AND KZN. All vehicles are equipped with radio and call phone links to our command centre as well as satellite tracking. All security officers are armed,fully trained and equipped with:

  • Level 2 bullet proof vest
  • 9 mm side arm
  • Non lethal pepperspray
  • Handcuffs
  • Portable Radio
  • Call phone

All armed reaction officers undergo tactical training,we also have performance initiatives in place and officers are rewarded for successful arrests.

Armed Reaction

Armed Reaction to dedicated residential and commercial areas.

  • All armed reaction officers undergo tactical training.
  • All officers are equipped with bullet proof vests,handcuffs,torches and 9mm side arm.
  • All vehicles are monitored by control room through satellite tracking.
  • All vehicles have on-board CCTV cameras monitoring internally and externally.


IBHUBESI Security Services are well-versed in supplying physical guarding services that incorporate both armed and unarmed security officers, in the following enviroments

Retail, Residential and Commercial Services

  • Expertly-trained security personnel are deployed to numerous blue-chip clients
  • Minimum GRADE C security officers are posted,unless otherwise requested
  • All staff are thoroughly vetted, and Criminal clearance checks are carried out prior to deployment
  • Regular service evaluations are conducted to ensure high service delivery
  • All sites are backed up by both armed response and medical response services


  • The company has vast experience in both gaming and hospitality security.
  • Golf Courses and tournaments.
  • The security offering includes gaming, guest relations and venue protection officers.


  • A number of premier private and public schools use our security services
  • We supply integrated security solutions encompassing both electronic and physical security
  • Compliance with sexual offenders ACT


Our training centre is SASSETA Accredited and run by fully accredited instructors who train and certify new guards as well as continuous update the existing guard compliment.


  • Induction Training
  • Firearm Competency
  • Driving simulator
  • Tailor made site specific training
  • Computer literacy
  • CCTV operator training
  • Customised,short skills training courses
  • Softline Skills programmes (customer interaction)
  • Reaction
  • Tactical
  • Retail
  • Specialised crime prevention programmes (Retail,Commercial,industrial and Residential)

We follow a strict protocol of promoting our staff within the company all existing staff may apply to be upgraded and follow the training procedures at our academy to apply for a promotion or a change in their position


Where firearms are required the company is fully compliant in terms of the firearms control ACT 60 of 2000. we have accredited assessors and moderators.

  • The company is fully compliant in terms of the firearms control ACT 60 of 2000 accredited assessors and moderators oversee the use of arms.
  • All armed officers are trained,have competency certificates and undergo regular training and incorporates tactical,theoretical and practical exercises.
  • Use of force and real-life scenario training to save lives.


We have a covert probing team where we will send our highly trained probes to try to entice members of your business in order to determine their loyalty and service levels. Our team of agents/sleepers are placed with our clients and work as staff members on the sites or in stores. Valuable information regarding dishonest staff, breach of policy and procedures, method of theft and much more are gained during our debriefing sessions with our staff. This information assists us to focus on identifying and confirming high risk areas, thus ensuring the success in combating of losses.


We adhere to thorough screening procedures thereby preventing any type of risk on our client's premises.

All our applicants must have:

  • a minimum of grade 12 qualification.
  • completed and pass an aptitude test.
  • have passed a basic security course
  • registered with PSIRA.

N.B Company's Recruitment Policy will be submitted on request.


Well into the dawn of South Africa, we have realised that no crime is too small and we established a support system in the form of Car Guard attendants. These helps security officers in identifying suspicious activities at parking lots thus assisting and protect customers from these unscrupulous vendors who forcefully try and sell their wares, as well as identifying car thieves and smash and grab rings. This is a solution to the minimisation of these activities and sound assistance to the elderly and the disabled at parking lots in general


Risk assessment is conducted by our Senior Managers on a three-month basis and when need arises.This exercise helps both parties (the clients and the company) to identify risky and dangerous areas and come up with a prevention plan.


We have highly trained and skilled officers in both areas of Security and Customer Services. These act as a visual deterrent, constantly surveying your business to uncover the most elusive of would be Shoplifters. Their professionalism, effective communication and detailed incident reporting add value to your business as they are the first and the last impression an individual receives from your business.


Our trained security Personnel protects and safeguards our client's property and staff. This is done by means of access control, Perimeter patrols and manning of the Reception during and after business hours. This helps give our clients peace of mind, knowing that you have someone looking over your shoulders to minimise security risks.


This arm of our Company, comprises of people with proven track records in investigations, able to gather information relating to crime and give reports to clients for actioning.


Our staff is sent to group training for PSIRA approved courses. They also undergo Safety, Fire and First Aid training. This ensures acceptable identification and feedback regarding unsafe working conditions and facilities. In addition, we conduct regular ongoing training sessions to ensure that acceptable standards are maintained. Our responsible managers and training officers do on-site training on a continuous basis. This ensures that any demand from our clients, regarding specific task, are effectively handled.


Our Security Officers are supplied with a formal and combat uniform, depending on the nature of the work required. The Senior Officer on site inspects the cleanness and the correctness of the uniform worn by the officers
during the shifts changes.