Aphiwe Mbangwa serves the company in a position Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His past background includes extensive security training, certification and accreditation on all security systems and armed response. He also has security experience in the banking, retail, commercial, industrial, residential and mining fields. He has the qualifications to back up this experience and knowledge. He further has more than 15 years of practical experience held in various senior positions with various big security companies. All this experience makes him an asset to the company in his current position. He is able to address all client’s security problems with his in-depth knowledge of the security industry.

Sikhumbuzo Mjwara is the company’s Managing Director (MD), with five years’ experience in the security industry and more experience in client’s service management. Her knowledge in retail and industrial security strengthen IBHUBESI QP to help meet its goal which is a high standard of service delivery

Wandile Mgcina is the companies Chief Operating Officer (COO). Proactive, performance driven professional with 6 years of market leading experience. Development initiative in the corporate environment. Result oriented, decisive leader, with proven track record in establishing new business, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances. Skilled in optimizing team’s dynamics, uniting diverse agenda to a common goal and harnessing strategic and operational drivers to deliver results. Value Offered enterprising visionary, Strategic alliances, cross functional relationship building, Operational, service delivery and management business development skills, technology and business. He is one of the dynamic young men in the industry.


  • Base Radios
  • Hand Radios
  • Vehicle Radios
  • Cell Phones


We take the following steps when we start with a new site to ensure that the service is professional and effective, that service standards are maintained and clients are not dissatisfied/ disappointed

a) In-house training of all selected staff +-2 days before contract commencement.

b) Selected staff and senior management on site for two shifts before commencing the service.

c) A pro-active visit to all the tenants before the start of the contract to introduce the company, senior management and site seniors.

d) Deploy all the staff that will be used on the site (relievers included) during the first week to ensure every security officer is familiar with the site for better service.

Supervisory structures are available around the clock to assist in any security related incident.


Mrs Ivlargaret (118 Bit Starex) – 082 604 5361
Mr Krish Naido (Bishop Square Complex) – 072 820 5232
Mr Dave Winstone (Ifula Holdings) – 011 304 7200
Mrs Sandra Horne (BJB PROJECT SERVICE) – 011 100 0970
Mr Lawrence Tinacho (NTSANGALALA CONS) – 060 395 0617